Welcome to The Dead Zone TV, the largest fansite dedicated to USA Network�s The Dead Zone on the internet. The website went online in March 2002, then known as The Fans Guide to The Dead Zone, but changed it�s name in August of that same year.

The Dead Zone, based on the characters from the Stephen King novel of the same name, follows Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall), a small town teacher who is involved in a car accident that leaves him in a coma for six years. After waking up he begins having visions of peoples past, present of future by a simply touching them. He also finds out that his fiance, Sarah Bannerman (Nicole deBoer), has given birth to his son after the accident and that she married the local sheriff, Walt Bannerman (Chris Bruno).

With the help of Bruce Lewis (John Adams) with his therapy Johnny tries to get back to his old life, but finds out soon enough that it would not be possible because of his gift. He begins to help out the sheriff�s department to solve crimes and do good deeds, but he begins to have visions of a apocalypse events, that would be brought about by the future election of congress candidate Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flannery).

After 6 seasons and 80 episodes The Dead Zone was cancelled in September 2007.





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